This is a little “bare-bones” website from a homebrewer’s point of view.  The site hosts many thoughts on beer, homebrewing, home-brewers, and commercial beers & brewers.  I’m an old guy and creating a web site has not been my easiest challenge to date but it has been interesting. 

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I’ve been home brewing since 1990 and have drawn upon my success and failure to write many of these articles. I’ve also included articles written by friends whose expertise extends beyond mine or they approach the subject from a different perspective.  I’ve reprinted them here with the authors’ permission.

Some articles are gleaned from brewing trade newsletters and technical journals from 60 to 100+ years ago. They still offer many insights on beer and brewing.  Keep in mind that chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and microbiology don’t change over the years.  However, science fine-tunes and discovers new things on a regular basis which gives us a better understanding of what actually happens during the brewing process and dispels some notions we’ve had in the past. Some of the old journal articles are rather technical and not easy to read but . . . if this will serve one or two out of a hundred readers, it’s worth my effort.

Some of these articles appeared in the HopLine newsletter of Crescent City Homebrewers.  The club was formed in 1978.  It is one of the oldest homebrew clubs in the Gulf South. We meet at Deutsches Haus in New Orleans, La.  In the articles you may find references to CCH (Crescent City Homebrewers) aka “the club”, and Brew Offs (50 gallon club brews).  There are articles on this site which explain everything in better detail.

There is a drop-down menu under the ARTICLES tab and you’ll find a variety of topics sorted out in some reasonable and logical grouping.  It makes answers a little easier to find for the myriad of questions each of us has from time to time. Just click a title on the bulleted list.

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