Brash Brewing Company

by Mike Biggs

Houston, TX
If you read my Editor Notes on page 3, I asked for info/reviews on beer and breweries. This brewery is a prime example as to why. I have never heard of Brash. My son-in-law Hank went to Houston a few years ago and brought some of their brew back home. WOW! Very nice.

So, when I planned a trip to TX, of course I had to put it on my to do list. I was warned that the location is a little difficult to find. An understatement at least. GPS recommended.

When you get to the street (Fenn), it looks like an entrance to an apartment complex parking lot. A private drive between 2 large apartment buildings. Driveway, short dead end. Only when you get close to end of driveway, are you able to see a large warehouse building on left. Try this at night.

On reaching the building, I am not sure if they even have a sign. Just the logo on building. Inside is humongous. Games, video machines, tables etc. everywhere. Bar small but plenty places to sit.

Only had time for a few to try, was getting close to closing time.

MTV Milk the Venom. 9% milk stout with coconut, coffee and chipotle. Awesome. Elise does not like stouts, but she did like this one.

Scottish Hell wee heavy was another winner.

Gose style…very good, sour crisp refreshing citrusy, reminiscent of Urban South Lime Cucumber Gose. Bartender said they liked Urban South Gose and try to buy it when in NOLA. Also got Blonde…good. A definite must-do in Houston.

More brewery reviews next month.

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