Brewery Travels – River Parishes

From Alessa Massey

In February, Hector, Will, Jo and I decided to take a trip to a couple of new places around the state. It was a beautiful (if cold) day and a nice way to get out and see some new sights.

First stop: Istrouma Brewing at Sugar Farms in St. Gabriel.
We pulled into a gated area with a cool barn-like structure and cool artwork. The taproom is inside with a rotating tap. Beers were very good, although they were limited to 3 choices when we went. There is an awesome outside seating area which will be amazing once the weather warms up a bit. They have food as well, and it was very good. I can’t wait to get back out there again to try some more of their beers, especially after looking at the website for this post and seeing what they have right now!

Second stop: Gilla Brewing Company in Gonzales
This was our second stop and don’t let the strip mall scene phase you. This little brewery has some solid choices. I like that they have a mix from darker and maltier to all of the sour options that a lot of people are into right now. We only stayed here long enough for one beer each though since unfortunately their inside taproom was closed and it was FREEZING. I like to stop this one on my way to Baton Rouge when I go as they are right on the way and they always have new stuff on tap as well.

Third stop: Le Chien Brewing Co.
Our last stop was Le Chien Brewing in Denham Springs. This brewery is located in an old oil
changing station (which I realized when I looked down by the bar and saw fermenters lit up under my feet). It has a nice funky vibe – dim lights with bright fluorescent accents all around. The beers were solid (I brought back two growlers to share at the March meeting and completely forgot them, shame.) and they have their own menu onsite. When the owner realized we were all beer enthusiasts, he brought us down into the pit to get a look at the setup and talk to us about how they got started. This is where the topic of having a off-flavor session came up and we thought it would be a fun way to fit some education in for the club and check out a new brewery at the same time. Details in the works.

Cheers, Alessa

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