Brewing in Australia

From The Brewers’ Journal    1917


 In 1905 the 42 breweries of New South Wales produced 13,873,259 gallons of beer, using 458,371 bushels of malt, 558,661 pounds of hops, 3.370 tons of sugar and 6,209 centals* of other brewing materials, while in 1915 the 27 breweries of the same colony produced 24,434,147 gallons of beer, using 838,148 bushels of malt, 893,050 pounds of hops, 5,192 tons of sugar and 6,044 centrals of other material.  During the same time the horse-power employed was increased from 1,089 to 3,965.

The output of the 69 breweries in Victoria in 1893 amounted to 14,018,369 gallons of beer, in which 624,298 bushels of malt, 657,643 pounds of hops, 90,375 cwts. of sugar and no other brewing materials were used.  In 1915 Victoria had 22 breweries, producing 20,339,924 gallons of beer, using 600,333 bushels of malt, 661,299 pounds of hops, 111,363 cwts. of sugar and about 50,000 pounds of rice and other adjuncts.

*cental = hundredweight of 112#

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