Brewing Schools

Six Months’ Brewers’ Courses.   (American Brewers’ Review July, 1905)

A decision has been reached by the recognized brewers’ institutes and brewers’ academies of the United States, viz :  The United States Brewers’ Academy, of New York; The National Brewers’ Academy, of New York;  Hantke’s Brewers’ Academy, of Milwaukee;  The Siebel Brewing Academy, of Chicago, and The Wahl – Henius Institute, of Chicago, to adopt a policy embodying the following provisions :

 ( a ) The abolition of the four months’ course, substituting therefore a six months’ course, to be given once a year, starting in October, to the exclusion of any other general brewers’ course.

( b ) A uniform fee of five hundred dollars.

( c ) The issuance of certificates of graduation after completing the six months’ course and passing a satisfactory examination at the end of such course.

A post–graduate course covering two months will be arranged for the benefit of those students who have taken a four months’ course prior to this agreement and are desirous of obtaining a six months’ certificate.

Applications of graduates of any of the above schools to attend a post–graduate course in any of the institutes will be accepted without examination or further qualification by applicants, and such students are entitled to a six months certificate on passing the examination in the branches covered by the two months’ post–graduate course.


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In contrast to 1905, today such an education is a bit more expensive.

  • The Master Brewer Certificate Program at UC – Davis is a 15 week course and costs $16,000.
  • Siebel Institute’s WBA Master Brewer Program in Chicago is a 20 week course and costs $27,980.
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