CCH The Early Years 2

– The early years (the 90’s)
Meetings moved to Deutsches Haus when the management of LaFreniere Park wanted to charge the club a small rental and security fee. Monk Dauenhauer negotiated the deal for the Heidelberg Hall rent free. We just had to guarantee $50 in sales at the bar. (This was not a problem!)
President: Norm Crassons
Vice Pres: Monk Dauenhauer (’86)
Secretary: John Dauenhauer

First Crescent City Competition. (Co-coordinators were Wayne Rodrigue and Doug Lindley.)
President: Monk Dauenhauer
Vice Pres: Russ Schlotzhauer (’84)
Secretary: John Dauenhauer
Treasurer: Ray Tell (the infamous co-mingler of funds)

President: Russ Schlotzhauer
Vice Pres: Wayne Rodrigue
Secretary: Angel Diaz
Treasurer: Al Bourg (’88)

1993 [Source: 1993 WYES Brochure]
President: Doug Lindley (’83)
Vice Pres: Bill Brantley
Secretary: Arnaud Daigle (’90)
Treasurer: Al Bourg
Membership: Don Daigle (’90)

President: Peter Caddoo
Vice Pres: Chuck Junau (’88)
Treasurer: Al Bourg
Hopline Ed: Charles Sule (’92)

1995 [Source: CCCCC Brochure]
President: Wayne Rodrigue (’87)
Vice Pres: Louie Marino (’89)
Secretary: Knut Engelhardt (who designed our logo with Kelly Crais)
Treasurer: Al Bourg

1996 [Source: Whitney Bank signature form, December 1995]
President: Louis Marino
Vice Pres: Ernie Spreen
Secretary: John Dauenhauer
Treasurer: Al Bourg

1997 [Source: 1997 Welcome page]
President: Ernie Spreen
Vice Pres: Dave Macon (’96)
Secretary: Marshall Williams
Treasurer: Greg Muro (’94)

1998 [Source: 1998 Welcome page]
President: Dave Macon
Vice Pres: Dave Cooper (’93)
Secretary: Lou Louviere (’92)
Treasurer: Greg Muro

1999 [Source: Hopline, January 1999]
President: Dave Cooper
Vice Pres: Warren Chigoy (’92)
Secretary: Lou Louviere
Treasurer: Ron LaBorde (’95)

Editors Note: If anyone can fill in the blanks or question marks, please send them in to the Hopline.

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