CCH – The Early Years I

The early years (the 70’s & 80’s)
1978 –1982 [Source: Harold Hochhalter]
The club was an informal gathering of eight beer loving guys who brewed occasionally.
Bob Scheiderman (‘78), A.E. Briede (’78?), John Dauenhauer (’78), Harold Hochhalter (’80), Mike Meisner (??), Richard Briede (’80), Paul Holtzenthal (??), and Edger Kirchem (??).

1982 [Source: Copy of the original By-Laws,] The By-Laws were written, and the Crescent City Homebrewers became a formal organization.
President: Bob Scheiderman
No other officers at this time.

1983 Articles of Incorporation were written and filed with the Secretary of State.
President: Bob Scheiderman
Vice Pres: Harold Hochhalter
Secretary: Mike Meisner
Treasurer: A. E. Breide IV
Harold Hochhalter organized the club’s first Oktoberfest – a pot luck at the Westgate Country Club. The cost of the hall rental was $75.

1984 [Source: Monk Dauenhauer]
President: John Dauenhauer
Vice Pres: Harold Hochhalter

President: Harold Hochhalter
Vice Pres: Andy Thomas

President: Andy Thomas
Vice Pres: George Parr
Secretary: John Dauenhauer
Treasurer: Richard Breide
[Source: Hopline, December 1985]
Historian: Paul Holzenthal
[Source: Hopline, September 1986]

1987 [Source: Hopline, December 1986]
President: Steve Clark (’81)
Vice Pres: Peter Caddoo (’84)
Secretary: John Dauenhauer
Treasurer: Richard Breide

Meetings moved from Al’s Wine Shop (?) to LaFreniere Park under a rent free agreement crafted by George Parr.
President: Lee Smith (’??) (had the first gavel, made by Louie Marino)
Vice Pres: George Parr (’83)
Secretary: Marcie Kraus (87)
Treasurer: Mike Biggs (’86)

President: George Parr
Vice Pres: Norman Crassons (‘86)
Secretary: Marci Kraus

Editors Note: If anyone can fill in the blanks or question marks, please send them in to the Hopline.

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