Czar’s Coronation

The Brewers’ Guardian 1883

Beer at the Coronation of the Czar

Beer has been an important factor in the success of the late coronation of the Czar.  A letter from Moscow states that a tramway, about three miles long, was laid round the square where the principal fêtes were held, and upon this 100 wagons, each carrying 25 casks of beer, were kept continually circulating for gratuitous distribution. Each wagon was fitted with a thick iron tube, connected by means of movable taps , with two casks at a time, and to this tube were attached seven india-rubber branches, through which the beer flowed into the enormous number of “coronation mugs” that were held for its reception. These seven branches were attended to by seven attendants, each wearing upon the breast a badge representing a glass of beer as a distinguishing mark. These 700 Ganymedes had instructions to give the people an unlimited supply of beer, but they prevented unnecessary waste by means of an automatic tap which was fitted to each outlet.  The arrangements were so perfect that the contents of the whole 2,500 casks of beer could be conveyed to the thirsty throats of the people in less than two hours, and in this way 40,000 wedros, or about 3,000 English barrels of beer, were consumed during the coronation festivities,

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