Dixie Beer is Back in New Orleans

On Jan 22, 2020, Dixie Brewery had a (soft) Grand Opening at their new brewery in New Orleans East. Located at 3501 Jourdan Rd, New Orleans, LA 70126. Heading east on I-10 approaching the exit at Downman Rd, to the right, you can see the brewery.

One word “WOW”. You really need to view it from the High Rise. Arriving at the brewery my 1st thought was a lot of money and time was invested just in the outside grounds. Plenty of tables and chairs plus a really big fire pit.

Closer to the entrance, on the left is a large patio with plenty of tables and chairs. A strange view, from the walk up to the entrance, the Interstate Hwy. cannot be seen from ground (mostly). It is blocked by some very large trees. Looks like they planned it that way.

Inside is impressive. It is nice what you can do when you are a billionaire. A lot of past CCH members were there. Andy Thomas (now lives in Houston); originator and namesake of Abita’s ANDYGATOR Imperial Helles, was on hand.

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