Dixie Brewing Co.

American Brewers’ Review

Vol. XX (1906) & Vol. XXI (1907)

August 1906 New Orleans—The Dixie Brewing Co. is having places prepared by Louis Lehle, of Chicago, for a seven-story brewery.  The building will be of fire proof steel construction, with exterior of stone and brick, and will be 175 x 300 feet in size.  The brewery will have a capacity of 40,000 barrels per year, and will cost $250.000.

September 1906 New Orleans—Plans for the new buildings to be erected by the Dixie Brewing Co. have been completed by Louis Lehle, of Chicago, and the owners are now receiving proposals at New Orleans.

November 1906 New Orleans—The contracts for the erection of the Dixie Brewing Co.’s building have been filed for record.  The first contract calls for the concrete foundation, which is to be completed within 45 days, and will cost $11,000.  Contracts for the brick work are for $32,000, and for structural iron work for $30,500.

December 1906 New Orleans.—The Dixie Brewing Co. opened bids Nov. 7 for their brewery outfit and awarded the contract for the 200 barrel outfit including bronze drilled false bottom to the Goetz & Flodin Mfg. Co., of Chicago.  Last year that company fitted out the American, Jackson, Consumers and Weckerling breweries of New Orleans.

December 1907 New Orleans. — The Dixie Brewing Co. formally opened its new brewery October 31st.  This is a consumers’ brewery, the stock being held by 238 local dealers.  The officers are : president, Val. Merz ; vice-president, Victor LeBeau ; secretary and treasurer, Henry Woerner; assistant secretary and treasurer, Robert L. Lambert ; directors, J. P. Holmes, A. Vidak, Gaspare Greco, John Darribere, Gerves Manier and Wm. Brandt. The building is five stories high and of fireproof construction, the floors and walls being built of steel, concrete and asbestos.  It was designed by Louis Lehle, of Chicago.  Capacity, 75.000 barrels a year. The brewmaster is Karl Gerst.

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