FDA Approved Flavorings

           by Mike Retzlaff

Variety can be the spice of life or grounds for divorce.  However, in the world of beer, variety is socially acceptable and expected.  In certain beers, the use of spices can be the difference between the mundane and something really special.  There really is a variety of suitable additives to enhance our favorite beverage.  You don’t need to be satisfied with just coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, or nutmeg.  The following ingredients are, among others, approved by the FDA as natural and artificial flavorings for use in beer.

benzyl propionate                    ginger                                      methyl anthranilate

borneol                                    ginsing extract                         monosodium glutamate

calcium chloride                     glycerin or glycerol                 nutmeg

citral                                        grapefruit oil                           orange flowers

citric acid                                hexanal                                    propyl alcohol

citronellol                                hexanol                                    quassia extract

cis-3-hexanol                          isoamyl acetate                        quillaia

cognac oil                                isopulegol                                sodium chloride

corn syrup                               jasmine oil                               sodium citrate

ethyl acetate                            lactic acid                                styralyl acetate

ethyl acetoacetate                   lactose                                     sucrose

ethyl alcohol                            lemon oil                                 sucrose otaacetate

ethyl butyrate                          licorice                                     tartaric acid

ethyl oenanthate                      lime oil                                    undecalactone

ethyl propionate                      malic acid                                yerba santa

ethyl vanillin                           menthol                                   yucca mohave

So there you go, boys and girls.  It’s just like discovering a new paint set or chemistry kit under the Christmas tree!  Imagine what you could do to a Wit, Winter Warmer, or Saison by applying just some of these ideas! 

Even though there are a few in this listing which sound like ingredients in carburetor cleaner, rocket fuel, or floor stripper, they’re all FDA approved.  Throw caution to the wind and get out there and have some fun.  Surprise your friends and astonish your fellow CCH members with your latest creation at an upcoming meeting!

(I’m not really sure about the menthol . . . what style of beer would it enhance?)

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