Fish Fest Sausage Recipes 2023

From: Steve Clark

NOTE – Fish Fest is an annual Crescent City Homebrewers club party which combines sausage making with a 50+ gallon Club Brew.  It is named for our late, esteemed member – Sheridan Armentrout.  He was affectionately called “Fish”.

A variety of home-brew is available during the festivities.  Some participants attend to the brewing labors while the remainder are involved in the sausage making.  The sausage is made in bulk and link.  Once some of the sausage is ready, the grill is fired up to cook it for lunch.  Lots of snacks and side dishes are available and a truly fine time is had by all.  Spending a day with good food, good beer, and good friends is always a pleasure.

Italian Sausage
The Italian sausage seasoning is from Penzeys ( We used 5 ounces for 10 lbs of meat and 12 ounces of beer

Green Onion
The Green Onion mix is from Deep South Blenders located at 720 Saint George Avenue, Jefferson, Louisiana. We used 5 ounces for 10 lbs of meat, 12ounces of beer, and 2 bunches of green onions.


The Chorizo mix for ten lbs is:
10 lbs of meat
3 ounces of salt
3 ounces of cider vinegar
2 ounces of smoked paprika
3 ounces of crushed red pepper
1/3 cup chopped garlic
1/2 ounce oregano
1/2 ounce coarse black pepper
12 ounces of beer

Fish Fest
We used 420 lbs of ground pork and ended up with around 450 lbs of sausage. Ate or sold every pound, except for the 6 lbs saved for the chili next year. A good time was had by everyone while 35+ gallons of excellent beer was consumed . . . . .

Sausage Master – Steve

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