Food For . . . Well For Something

by Henry Bienert
I find that eating unusual snacks and sandwiches gives me an excuse to drink my fine Homebrew: “No, I’m not really drinking a beer. I just needed something to wash this food down”

Here are some treats that I’ve come up with that really go very well with a northern German lager. I don’t think any of them appear in any cookbook because they just sort of popped up on my internal monitor.

Tono Tramezinni Italiano
We can’t get this crustless steamed bread locally but you can look for a very dense light colored wheat bread and cut the crust off or just eat the crust anyway.

1. Lightly toast one of the two slices of bread so that it will be a strong foundation for this sandwich.

2. A couple or three tablespoons of very nice tuna salad ( Langenstein’s on Metairie Road seems to do a good job with this item) are deposited on the slightly stiff lower slice and
then topped with a tablespoon of slightly drained olive salad. Any of the locally-made
varieties works fine.

3. Some crunchy, salty accompaniment either crumbled up on top of the olive salad or sitting beside the sandwich is a nice touch. I find the multi-grain crackers with the
hexagon shape work great.

4. Cover with the top slice of bread. It is a two-handed sandwich that one should not eat
over a white carpet!

Sardinie Greenie Sandwich
If you do not eat sardines then skip this. If someone who does not know of your aversion to sardines gives you some cans as a treat, I will be glad to take them from you.

1. Toast two slices of Texas loaf.

2. Coat one piece with half the contents of a single serving guacamole. I usually do not
use the guacamoles that have a lot of spicy items included.

3. Open a can of sardines and drain all the liquid out reserving 2 tablespoons.

4. Mix the reserved sardine liquid with some black pepper,a half teaspoon of red wine
vinegar or a little bit of white vinegar with a little red wine.

5. Liberate the sardines from the can and place them on the lower slice then pour the
prepared liquid over everything.

6. Cover with the top slice and enjoy… This is also a two-handed sandwich that can mess up a beautiful white rug.

Uova Strappazate Pizza

1. Remove a large slice of leftover medium crust, everything component Pizza you ordered and incompletely consumed last night and place on a paper plate and for about 20 seconds on high.

2. Scramble an egg which you then flip onto the pizza slice. A very crisp single piece of bacon can be crumbled a top it.

This CAN be eaten with one hand, using other one for the aforementioned lager.

Now that I have shared some of my culinary hallucinations, I look forward to your doing likewise via the Hopline!

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