German Thirst

As reported in The American Brewers’ Review – 1903


At the late “Turnfest” at Nuremburg, Germany, the consumption of beer on the grounds during the five official days of the festival amounted to 3000 hectoliters, or an average of 600 hl. A number of guests were assembled for about a week before the festival was opened officially, so that the total amount of beer consumed during the meeting may be assumed to have been 4000 hl. At the same city the gymnasts of Germany met in 1897 when, during ten days, 3000 hl of beer were consumed on the grounds. These figures, says Das Gasthaus, show the absurdity of the claims of success attending the agitation of advocates of total abstinence among the German “turners.”

Editor’s Note – 600 hl. = 15,850 US gallons per day of the event.

“Turnfest” is a gymnastics festival first held in Coburg in 1860.  It was the beginning of international gymnastic competitions which led to the inclusion of gymnastics in the Modern Olympic Games.  Unlike Oktoberfest, Turnfest moves from city to city in Germany.  There are now many other turnfests worldwide including the USA.

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