Hank Speaks on Dr. Smith

Hank Speaks… So Listen by Hank Bienert

This month’s message will be brief do to the Lenten season, a time of reflection about
whatever…past mishaps, plans for the future whether of a spiritual or a brewing nature.

I want to follow the example of Doctor Smith. He was a distinguished proctologist and for those afflicted with rectal conditions so severe as to need surgery, he was a blessing. He would make his post op rounds always dressed in finery. Stopping at each bedside and asking 2 questions-how happy were they and he would always have something cheerful and profound to lift the spirit and secondly whether they had had their first bowel movement post hemorrhoidectomy which is an important milestone after that procedure.

If they were constipated he would reach inside his coat and pull out a large bar of Octagon laundry soap and with an expensive horn handled pocket knife would slice of a chunk that he would quickly and expertly carve into a suppository which always got good results. A fine man and when he passed on a few years ago, his obituary ended with
“Dr. Smith, a great surgeon and a great man-always mindful of the patients; he filled their souls with hope and filled their holes with soap”

And in that spirit, while on my Lenten break, I will continue working on my special project for CCH, a popcorn popper so we can have snacks at CCH meetings… the top is already finished.

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