Kirin Brewing Co. of Japan

From The Western Brewer  –  Jan. 1918

The Kirin Brewing Co. Ltd., of Yokohama has recently completed the erection of a new plant at Kanzaki, near Osaka.  The Yokohama plant has an annual output of about 2,800,000 gallons, while the output of the new plant is about 5,000,000 gallons.

The Yokohama brewery has about 300 employees, and the Osaka branch, despite the larger output, employs only about 150, this being accounted for by the quantity of labor-saving machinery installed.  The new brewery has labeling machines, for instance, while at Yokohama it is all done by hand.

Mr. O. Imaida is the master brewer at Yokohama; he learned brewing in Japan, having taken a course at the Imperial University of Japan, and also spent one year in Germany studying at the Berlin Institute.  The second brewer is Mr. K. Asami, and they have two assistants.  The manager of the company is Mr. S. Ida.  Brewing operations at the new brewery at Kanzaki are under the control of Mr. T. Asano and two assistants.

The company was established in 1890, and was then called the Japan Brewery Co., Limited.  A considerable export trade is done in bottled beer to India, China, Russia, Straits Settlements, Korea, etc.

The lager beer brewed in Japan is of the same type as German beer.  There do not appear to be any German brewers in Japan at the present time, but all the Japanese head brewers of the present day have either been to Germany to learn brewing, or have learned from German brewers in Japan.

Crown seals are used almost entirely for beer for local consumption, and corks for the export trade.

Most of the machinery in the Kirin Brewery at Yokohama is of German make, but the new and more up-to-date machinery in the brewery is American-made.

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