Michael Jackson on Carbs

In 2004 at the Park and Orchard Hotel in Rutherford, NJ, Michael Jackson, in part, spoke about carbs.

“Beer might sound a pretty humble thing.  I mean, this is where we all get, all risk having our enthusiasm derided because . . . come on Michael, is beer that bloody important?  You know, you’re a journalist; you have the power to change people’s minds.  You only have the power to change people’s minds if it’s something you really believe in and something you feel you really can communicate and that’s something I’ve always tried to do about beer . . . and I just love it and I don’t just love it as it is, I certainly do love it as it is but I also want to make it better; I want to see new things happening but good new things, not bullshit; not carbs.”

“Has anyone in this room ever seen a carb?  Has one ever jumped out of the fridge at you and tried to throttle you or ravish your wife?  Do you go to bed and feel unable to sleep because there are all these carbs around the place?  You know, I mean I’m being a little – slightly sardonic here but they expect us to believe this stuff.”

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