Mystery Challenge

Challenge from Mike Buchart

My deceased grandmother Anna E. Petroff Buchart was one of those great ladies who understood cooking and published a few cookbooks of her own.  Grandma B’s recipe for beer was as simple as it comes but too confusing for a novice like me.  Then again, no one has yet offered recommendations how to brew this.

Unfortunately, she passed before I really knew good beer and could have asked about her recipe.

Anna Petroff Buchart’s beer recipe is:

1 quart malt
3 pounds sugar
1 cake powdered yeast
Raisins or potatoes

1) Add hot water to mix.
2) Pour into a vat and add lukewarm water to fill.
3) Add a handful of raisins or potatoes.
4) Cook 48 to 72 hours with light bulb (40 watt). No longer than 72 hours.
5) Siphon and bottle.

I ask if there is anyone out there that can suggest amounts that I can at least begin with please do so.  It would sure save a lot of time, frustration and spoiled efforts.

Any thoughts can be directed here many thanks!

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