Natural Immunity

The headlines of the current circus of politics versus science over vaccination for Covid 19 and its several mutated variants, drew my attention to this article which seems to chronicle “natural immunity.”  It certainly gives one pause to think. This article was written during the time of the Spanish Influenza epidemic following WWI.

‘Breweries and tanneries and printing ink factories confer an exemption from tuberculosis, and employees in turpentine factories never have rheumatism.  Copper mining excludes the possibility of typhoid among the workers.  Sheep herders enjoy remarkable health.  Men and women working in lavender, whether gathering or distilling it, are said never to suffer from neuralgia or nervous headache.  Lavender, moreover, is as good as a sea voyage for giving tone to the system.  Salt miners can wear summer clothes in blizzard weather without fear of catching cold, for colds are unknown among these workers.’ – (New York “Telegraph” 1918)

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