Physicians Prescribe Beer For Patients

Physicians Prescribe Beer For Patients

BEER is being prescribed by a large percentage of the physicians in the United States, according to a nation-wide survey just completed. Questionnaires mailed to physicians in every state in the Union by the Modern Science Institute, of Toledo, 0, for the Owens-Illinois Glass Co.. asked: “Have you ever prescribed beer for a patient?” Affirmative replies were given by 56.4 percent.

The survey further revealed that 64 percent of the physicians prescribed beer for its tonic properties and 35.2 percent recommended it for its food value. Many additional reasons for prescribing beer were also listed by the physicians. Some of those most frequently mentioned were: in cases of pregnancy and for nursing mothers; to stimulate the appetite; to increase body fluids; for psychological reasons and to lessen craving for hard liquors; and as a sedative.

 In answer to the question—”Do you consider beer a health drink?”—-55.9 percent answered “yes” as compared to the 44.1 percent who did not.

Only a third of the physicians interviewed, 34.7 percent, were of the opinion that 3.2 percent beer is intoxicating, and almost half of them, 45.6 percent, served it in their own home. As to whether it was pasteurized bottle beer or unpasteurized draught beer which was preferred, the former held a wide margin with 67.5 percent. 

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