Sel Noir – Cascadian Rye IPA

by Kevin Schmunk

Brewery: Second Line Brewing
Style: Cascadian Rye IPA ABV: 7%
Description: Light-bodied, pours black with spicy rye notes and hop aromas.

Brewer’s Comments – Kevin Schmunk
Second Line Brewing utilizes a one-barrel pilot system for a lot of the beers showcased in
our beer garden. Brewing on that system an average of twice a week really allows us to play
with different recipes, become creative with off-the-wall ideas, and perfect in-house favorites. One of those has become our Cascadian Rye IPA.

The malt bill for this one seems to have remained the same with a 70% base malt Pilsner, 17% flaked rye, 3% Special W and a 10% addition of Carafa for that black hue. As for the hops, those have varied nearly every time we brew. We shoot to stay around 60-70 IBUs, allowing the rye to spice things up. US-05 works well for the yeast, although we have played with other variations including lager yeast as well as brut enzymes.

It’s up to the brewer as to which direction they want to take this beer. The end result is a light bodied beer with deceptive black color and spicy rye undertones.

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