SMASH Pale Ale

SMASH Corona – Jack Horne

Pale Ale

In times of pandemic, it’s important to brew fast and drink often. In light of this, here is my

SMASH recipe using citra.  I purposely reduced the bittering hops, and upped them at dry hop.

5 gallon brew-in-a-bag recipe

14.4 lbs Maris Otter

Citra Hops

• 7 grams at 60 minutes

• 21 grams at flame-out

• 28 grams dry hop

Mash at 153°F for 60 min.

Yeast: White Labs California Ale

Ferment at 70 degrees

Dry hop after vigorous fermentation ends

Note: I added 20% more grain because I was brewing in a bag.  For normal mash tun, use 12 lbs.

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