The Big Peel Wit

Brewery: Zony Mash Beer Project

Style: Witbier ABV: 4.8%

Description: Belgian style wheat beer, with coriander, orange peel, and lemon peel

Brewer’s Comments – Mitch Grittman

When we were ideating the original menu for Zony Mash, we wanted to have a solid chunk of Belgian style beers that are mostly overlooked by most breweries in today’s market.  Witbier has been sort of whitewashed by the big beer companies, so we wanted to make something that was a little truer to style but still had some characteristics that made it unique to us, like the lemon peel, cascade dry hops, and Oats.

We have 3 primary yeasts that are used for most of the beers we make at Zony Mash.  The ‘Belgian blend’ I use is from the Yeast Bay.  They became a favorite supplier of mine as a homebrewer, and this particular blend is actually my preferred primary fermenter for my barrel aged Saisons.  The wit beer is the first use of the yeast, being the smallest gravity Belgian.  This propagates enough yeast to do the saisons and bigger gravity belgians.  The Big Peel is essentially the mother of all our Belgians.

Here is a homebrew sized version that I put together for CCH! I have an 80% efficiency, so may need to scale depending on your equipment. This is for a 5 gallon batch:


  • 2 Row 3.5 lbs                           42.4%
  • Malted Wheat 3.5 lbs             42.4%
  • Flaked Oats 1.25 lbs                15.2%
  • Rice Hulls                                lots

Magnum 10g 60 minutes       15ish IBUs
Cascade 1oz                            Dry Hop
Bitter Orange Peel 25g           steep in whirlpool
Lemon Peel 25g                      steep in whirlpool
Coriander 40g                        steep in whirlpool

Yeast Bay Wallonian 1 vial
Yeast Bay Saison Blend 2 1 vial
Pitch Yeast around 68F, and raise temp slowly over the duration of the primary fermentation.

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