Tribute (?) To Sam

by Henry Bienert

Sam Grooms is a focused man and we are fortunate to have someone like him as Quartermaster. This semi old CCH member will tell you there were times in The Good Old days when equipment had been lent out to ??? and would be back ??.

Not only does he monitor the equipment he even sleeps in the Storage locker 6 nights a
week. I promised I wouldn’t reveal the day he is not there for security reasons. If you doubt me, sniff Sam when you next see him and do so for a week. Go on, I dare you . . . and when he no longer smells of oil and charred propane gas burners then you know he has recently had a night off and you have broken the code!!.

He also took the lead in getting some water samples done and will provide such to the Club at the next meeting.

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