Wookiee Sounds Saison

Brewery: Brieux Carre Brewing Company
Style: American Saison ABV: 7.1%
Description: An overly hopped American Saison with El Dorado, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.

Brewer’s Comments – Charles Hall
I started at Brieux Carre about 6 months after the brewery opened. The first three months were spent mainly getting acquainted with the equipment and getting everything organized and clean. Wookiee Sounds was one of the first beers that I felt truly represented me as a brewer. I love dry beers especially hoppy ones. So an overly hopped American Saison made perfect sense.

We start with a fairly typical Malt bill of 70% Pilsner, 20% Vienna and 10% Flaked Oats. We hopped this beer with 50% El Dorado, 25% Amarillo and 25% Simcoe at a total of about 2.75 lbs per bbl. We split the hops with about 40% of the hops in the whirlpool and 60% as a dryhop trying to target around 60 ibus. The El Dorado provide a great fruity character, while the Amarillo and Simcoe provide a spicier piney character. We use BE-134 from SafAle as the yeast. It’s a very high attenuating yeast with lots of fruit and spicy notes.

We brew this beer every year to be released for the Chewbacchus parade that passes right by the brewery. This beer is also a great one to try with some Brett as well.

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